The idea of “Monolit”

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The idea of “Monolit”: breakwaters for the Baltic from caissons, produced in Spain.

In October of 2016, CDB “Monolit” suggested to use reinforced concrete caissons to the Contractor of a large scale project during the construction of protective structures, sited in the port of Vusotsk on the Baltic Sea. We explained this decision as the most cheap and reliable.

In December of 2016 CDB “Monolit” was given a task from the Contractor at the common meeting. The target was to find a company, which is able to construct and to deliver reinforced concrete caissons for construction of breakwater and ice protection devices during the shortest time period.

After carrying out the search, the list of possible executors was defined. The list included Spanish, Italian and Greek Companies, that had at their disposal specialized floating docks for production of the caissons. The large Spanish Construction Corporation “FCC” was defined as the best executor of the order in February after the meeting. Our representatives had a meeting with the specialists of “FCC” Corporation and received the required consultations, technical characteristics and inspected the caisson dock «Mar de Enol», on which the production of the caissons was planned.

At the same time we had preliminary negotiations with “Dockwise” Company with the aim of defining the possibility and the cost of caissons’ shipment from Spain to the Baltic.

The result of our work is signing of the most significant contract between the Russian Contractor and the Spanish Manufacturer, which provides for the most cost-saving, reliable and fast carrying out of works.

Hereinafter you can see the information from the Internet (www. about the production of the first series of the caissons and their loading to a vessel “Dockwise White Marlin”, which will deliver the caissons to the Baltic at the beginning of June.

The dimensions of each caisson are 58m per 23 m, height is 22 m, weight is 11 000 t! According to the Contract 22 such caissons will be delivered.


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