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Production plant of CDB "Monolit" is situated between the gateways on the Volga River near Galanino Quay on the 851,8 km of the shipway on the artificially created area. Arrangement of the production plant is characterized by the developed network of transport roads and proximity of the shipway of the Volga River.


Total area of the plant is about 5 Ha. The main structure of the production plant is a dry dock with dock gates, the size of the dry dock is 145 x30 m, which is also a launching device. The dry dock can be used as a dock camera for launching of vessels in four slipway places. Maximum dimensions of units, which can be launched:

  • length – 141 m;
  • breadth – 29 m;
  • draft – 3,6 m;
  • height from BL – 17,1 м m (is limited by admittable height in case of going by inner water ways).

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In case of construction of large-sized units there is the possibility of their construction by parts on the production plant of CDB "Monolit" and their following connection afloat on the site.

Delivery of main construction materials to the production plant can be carried out by water transport or by automobile transport.

Production plant of CDB "Monolit" includes the following types of manufactures:

  • hull processing;
  • assembly and welding;
  • slipways;
  • concrete;
  • reinforcement production;
  • reinforced concrete;
  • outfitting.

Total capacity of the production plant is up to 50 thousand reinforced structures a year.

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