Modular reinforced concrete floating foundations are sectional structures from autonomous reinforced concrete modules, which form a rigid structure of required length. Houses, hotels, restaurants, quays, parking stations, etc. can be built on such foundations. The payload on each block depends on the water reservoir's Class, where it is sited. For water reservoirs of "Р" Class it constututes 32 t.

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Autonomous reinforced concrete module is a floating unit, the size and weight of which are equal to a widely used 40-ft container and has standard fittings for its fixation. It provides for free transporting of the module by car, by train or by sea.

Mounting of the floating foundation is carried out afloat, in any place, very quickly and without any special expensive machinery.

Here is an example of the preliminary design project of a mini-hotel for 24 rooms, worked out by "Monolit". Modular foundation consists from nine units. Accomodation block units, constructed from light-weight panels “Fixcel”, serve as an upper structure.
Thus, the presented floating mini-hotel is a quickly erected floating unit.

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