ВIn 2003 CDB "Monolit" took part in the Re-equipment Project  of "Orlan" platform from the exploration to the production one. At first, the platform was called  CIDS and was under operation in the Beaufort Sea. After a 16-years operational period in the Arctic it was towaged to Russia and it was re-equipped in the range of the project "Sakhalin-1". In 2005 the platform was sited on the shelf of Sakhalin island.
In the range of the abovementioned Project CDB "Monolit" worked out the set of working design documentation for:

  • installation of ice-protection concrete block from fiber-shotcrete;
  • carrying out of technological cut-outs in the concrete block for installation of shafts for the risers;
  • concreting of the rooms of hulls of deck barges;
  • injection of mortar into the area of adjoining of the deck barges to the concrete block;
  • concreting of anti-sliding studs of deck barges in the holes of a concrete block.


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